Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Will

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Where there is a will, there is a way. And where there’s no will — the government may have its way. That’s the hard truth. Here are 5 good reasons why you should have a Last Will and Testament.

A Will provides peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones

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A will assures that your plans and desires are known, and they will be carried out the way you have requested. If you don’t have a robust and well drafted Will and Testament in place before you pass away, there’s a good chance your plans and desires will not be completed as you would like. And that lack of clear instructions will likely cost your beneficiaries (the people whom you would like to receive your possessions) far more than the expense of preparing a Will now.

Your Will allows you to specify who you want to represent you and ensures your wishes are followed

When a person dies, the law requires that someone or some entity represents the deceased person’s estate to creditors (the people to whom you owe money) and other legal entities (such as government agencies). The representative could be a person or a trust company. As part of your estate planning, your Will is the document that specifies who has agreed to represent you and ensure your requests are completed.

Your Will communicates how you want your property distributed and who the beneficiaries will be

If you die without a Will, the government and the courts will decide what will happen with your affairs – at the expense of your estate. There is specific legislation (the Wills and Succession Act) that dictates how your property will be distributed. No matter who you may have told your desires to, or what letters you may have written, without a Last Will and Testament you will no longer be able to have any influence over what is done with your belongings.

Your Will is the place to designate who will care for your dependents

Without a Will, the care of your minor children and/or any other dependents will also be left to the discretion of the government and courts.

Preparing a Will with a lawyer now cost less than leaving your loved ones with the burden of court fees later

Improperly drafted instructions may require a courtroom visit and even a trial to correct. And this means additional frustration, expenses and delays. Only you can take the necessary steps to have your Will completed. Using a Will Lawyer ensures your Will is written accurately and allows your directions to be completed with as few concerns as possible. Meet with one of Mullen & Co’s Calgary Will Lawyers now. Not only will your heirs be grateful for your consideration, they will also appreciate not having to deal with unnecessary legal obstacles and lawyer charges.

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