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Individuals from all walks of life should take care to ensure their estate is set up in such a way as to maximize the benefit to beneficiaries and minimize the burden of taxation and fees. The solicitors at Mullen & Company are experienced Estate Lawyers Calgary, helping families make the most of the assets they have built over a lifetime. We help ensure your estate is a proper reflection of your intended distribution of assets and is executed appropriately.


Estate planning is more than just having a will. A will is a vital piece of a comprehensive estate plan; however, other legal tools are available that can work alongside a will. We advise clients on the appropriate mix of testamentary documents to execute their objectives. Some of these documents may include trusts, powers of attorney and personal directives. We take the time to know our clients so we can recommend the right estate plan for each family’s unique situation.

In particular, small-business owners require specific advice to determine the best way to pass the assets of that business, and its ownership, on to the next generation. Families who have children or dependant relatives with specific medical care needs may wish to ensure these individuals are properly provided for. At Mullen & Company, we will ask what issues are most important to you in the creation of an estate plan and give you our best advice as to how you should proceed.

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