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Commercial contracts are important to all businesses. It is on this contractual basis that businesses function: Contracts provide a level of certainty that stakeholders in a business and its clients, suppliers and business associates will uphold their stated responsibilities. At Mullen & Company, our Calgary business contract lawyers advise small-business owners on proposed contracts and draft contractual terms consistent with their entrepreneurial objectives.


While many businesses depend on maintaining a collegial relationship with those that provide goods and services they need for their operations, formal contracts — as opposed to handshake agreements — are important for the sake of clarity and certainty; in short, that parties to a contract are clear on what their responsibilities are, and to whom. In addition, formal contracts are often necessary to demonstrate to third parties, such as banking institutions and outside investors, what the obligations are of the business.

Mullen & Company maintains a comprehensive business law practice. We focus primarily on transactional work: We draft and review contracts before they are signed and advise on potential modifications to meet your business needs. In essence, we want to prevent problems before they start.

We have been an established part of the Alberta legal community for more than 20 years, and call on more than 30 years of experience within the legal profession. We have attracted high-quality business clients who have remained with our practice for the long term, due to our consistent dedication to high standards of ethics, professionalism and sound legal advice.

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