Why It Is Important to Have a Will in Case of Emergency

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Concerned about emergencies? Writing a will is a good place to start

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Most of us a have a list of things we know we ought to do… someday. Writing a Last Will and Testament is on it. So is making an emergency plan, sorting out important papers and compiling a list of personal assets. Yet it is easy to put off these preparations until tomorrow.

But what if today your home burned to the ground? Or flooded? Or if you were ordered to evacuate your neighbourhood?

Do you know, at this moment, where your banking information is? Stock certificates? Mutual fund accounts? Life insurance paperwork? How about safety deposit box numbers or other secure locations where items may be stored? What about names and addresses of immediate family members and trusted friends? Real estate information and details on other assets? And have you ever thought about passwords to your massive streaming movie collection or other digital assets? And with the flurry of interest in cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, even your cash assets may soon be dependent on knowing a password.

The middle of a disaster is not the time to be going on a scavenger hunt to find these documents and information. The right time is now.

And that is the unexpected bonus of preparing your last will and testament. All the information and the documents you should be organizing are the same things you need to collect to when you put your will together. The first step is to gather these personal documents. (Use our two-page Will Questionnaire as a guide.)

The next is to take the information to a trusted legal professional who can write a last will and testament. Because Alberta has laws that may differ from other areas of the country, it’s important that you engage the services of an estate lawyer.

What does an estate planning lawyer do? We help you make an account of all your assets. Fill out the two-page questionnaire on wills and estates prior to your visit to our office. Then you will meet with one of our lawyers, and we will help you work through the many options available and ensure your possessions and assets go to the people you intended, along with making plans for any minor children and/or dependent adults in your care

Calgary will lawyers are plentiful. We at Mullen & Co. are different. Our family run office is truly concerned about helping you prepare for life’s uncertainties. We encourage you to click the link below and download our easy-to-complete two-page questionnaire. When you are done, you will have taken the initial steps to preparing a solid last will and testament. And, you will have gathered and organized much of the information you may need, in case of an emergency.

Mullen & Company’s Will Questionnaire